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Hand Made Wooden Feeders
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Hand Made Wooden Feeders etc.
This website is constantly changing items are changing and new ones added as they are designed and made, production is slowly starting at the beginning of Nov 2019
Because we are a nation of animal lovers, unfortunatly we also feed what can be termed as pests, this problem does not stop people wanting to feed the birds and squirrels, as such we have decided to design and make one off items for the market. Due to them being handmade by myself as a hobby and not cut on a computerised machine, they are not perfect, which is why we think they are special, each one is made with love for the purpose they are made for. They will bring a lot of pleasure watching the birds etc feeding. If they give you as much pleasure as ours do, then all of the work is worth while. The price per item is worked out to cover the materials including electricity for machines used, and postage costs where applicable. Some items are made of wood, some are made of Plywood, some are a mixture of both. All of the wooden / ply items are made from FSC Certified timber. The FSC certification is considered the gold standard designation for wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed,  socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable.
All of our items are one offs and as such if more than one is required we will make the required item when the order is placed. But be aware no two items are the same they just look similar.
Please note that if you wish to have your item/s delivered, the delivery charge must be added to your order by clicking the relevant delivery button on the paypal invoice shown on screen. You will be required to press either the collection or delivery button to complete your purchase, any fees will be added to the total automatically.
Delivery charge fees vary and are shown in our fees tab,
Each page states large /  small items or individually coded for delivery purposes.

We design and make commercial items. We design and make the followingCommercial sized squirrel feedersSquirrel feeders for most situationsWe make rodent trap tunnels and boxesAll items are unique one offs. View our contact page for details.

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